Today I want to share my hobby with you as it is a big part of my life.

This is my way to relax and to switch off when a day becomes to intense.

It all started with a bead look kit. The one that most of girls receive as apresent when they are kids.

Bead Loom

Self-taught in various jewelry making techniques, I have more than 20 years of beading experience and was often refining my techniques through long hours of trial and error. After all, practice makes perfect!

While many beaders prefer to rely on pre-planned beading designs, I actually enjoy an organic process that allows the beadwork to evolve naturally as I combine each tiny glass bead with each needle stitch. Often I do not know how the completed piece of jewelry would look like until I have completed beading and embellishing!

I am the one-woman-operation behind Delphine Caravaca Brand, and am responsible for customer service, product photography, packaging and shipping etc. While it’s a long list of tasks to complete before each jewelry piece arrives at her customers’ hands, it has always been a happy-tiring process I have enjoyed over the years. Today, my beaded jewelry are worn by customers from as far as Switzerland and Europe 

Bead weaving involves a needle running thread or thin wire in and out of beads to create a flexible network of bead fabric. A special beading needle allows for multiple passes through the tiny bead holes.

The Techniques I am now using are Brickstich and Peyote Stitch.


While the resulting beadwork of brick stitch looks similar to that of peyote stitch, both beading techniques are worked very friendly. Personally I find that brick stitch is so much easier to start – from a simple ladder stitch to form the first ‘base’ row, then you start stacking on the ‘bricks’ layer by layer.


Peyote Stitch:

The peyote stitch is one of the most common beadweaving stitches, and is widely used in the beadwork of many cultures globally, including Native American beadwork. Essentially, the thread works it way in a zig-zag fashion to place beads in a brick-laid manner, but the starting of peyote stitch can be somewhat challenging.


Now I am creating luxury Beads jewelries which are exposed in a Designer Boutique in Zurich Switzerland.

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