My Opinion on :Follow your Heart by Andrew Matthews

Book: follow your Heart

Don’t be fooled by the cover of the book. This is a serious book presented in very simple and readable fashion.

I have done so much reading about personal development over the past years.

But there is one I wish I would have read first. This is the book of Andrew Matthews, “follow your heart”.

This book inspired me to change for the better to remain positive and be the person I am today and Im sure you all will enjoy it as much as I did!:)
An easy read with funny illustrations which make you keep reading and relate to it.

The concepts in this book ring true with practical, applicable advice, and Matthews’s lucid writing and witty stories help bring his message into sharp focus. Follow Your Heart is everything you could ask for in a self-help book. It is about doing what you love, dealing with bills and disasters, discovering your own power, and finding peace of mind. Start down the road to changing your life because as Matthews says: “Our mission in life is not to change the world–our mission is to change ourselves.

It actually helps you appreciate life more and teaches you to love yourself and others, to find solutions for problems instead of nagging and to be grateful.

I’ve learned that it’s what’s inside us that really matters. When we reach a point where we have no answers to the challenges in life, sometimes help can come from unexpected places.

If you are Looking for:

-Doing what you love

-Being happy

-detaching yourself from money

-Making friends

-finding peace of mind

-Discovering your own power

-a better understanding of who you are

you will love this book! Find more about this book:

Follow Your Heart

If you prefer to listen to the book, I recommend AUDIBLE, the first 30 days are free, which corresponds to one free audio book:)

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