Why I removed my Mirena IUD?

After my second daughter and the pain I use to have during my period it was natural for me to choose the hormonal IUD Mirena. I was not very keen in using hormone but as I used to have endometriosis, it seemed to be the best option for me to prevent any pain.

Before to move forward, I would like to explain to you what is the Mirena IUD?

Mirena is a small T-shaped tube that steadily releases progesterone-like levonogestrel. As it supplies the hormone directly to the uterus.

Intra Uterin Device

-Placed into the uterus by a trained healthcare provider during an office visit

-You should do a monthly thread check to make sure it’s in place—ask your healthcare provider to explain how

-Placement of Mirena is nonsurgical

-Reversible, so you can have it removed at any time and try to become pregnant right away

Placement takes only a few minutes

How does Mirena work to prevent prengnancy?

How IUD works?

I did not have any pain or discomfort during the placement. Neither after it. I did not feel it at all. I was living like if it was not there.

But with time, after 18 months, without really noticing it, I was getting more tired with a lot of headaches. Furthermore my Libido has decreased drastically, I did not want my husband within five feet of me but I thought it was because I was very tired. 

I was feeling down and low in energy with no motivation. I was questioning my life and was wondering what I was doing and where I was going. I did not really know what was happening but I ended up last May 2018 in a severe Burnout. I was just about to quit my job when I had a car Accident. I was driving and for a moment  (pretty long) I had a blackout. I do not know what happened but I ended up in a wall. Fortunately, I did not have any injuries apart from being in a big shock. The car was severely damage but that was not really important at that point.

I also developped a lot of Acnea but I thought it was more due to my antidepressive treatment. 

I was just wondering what the hell just happened to me. I was petrified. I felt like I had lost all my power. Me, who has alwaysbeen so strong, felt so weak and miserable in that moment.

I called my husband and he came to pick me up and to bring me to my GP. The verdict was pretty straight forward. Deep Burnout. I had to stop, to make a pause.


I could not believe it, me who never really stop, never really made a break , was always keep going my body told me to stop.

It took me a week to realize what was happening. During that week I stayed in bed, I was ashamed, had no motivation and was even thinking to end up my life.

I have been in a Daily clinik for 6 weeks and since May, I have been seeing Psychoterapeuth and psychiatrist twice a week.

Recently, I have been discussing with my psychiatrist that I was using Mirena. I do not know why I talled him that. He did not even ask. But it is like if a part of me was pushing me to say it as I felt something wrong was happening. He asked me if for me it was an option to remove it.

I was very surprised and asked why. Then he told me that over the past years there was a lot of recall for the MIRENA IUD as it was having a severe impact on the mood of the women and was even the cause of severe depression.


The week after I went to see my midwife to take it off. It has now been 2 weeks since I have it removed and I already see a lot of changes. First of all, my Libido is back. I cannot even compare to where it was. I mean, it reached a point below 0 and now, my husband is telling me that this is too much and that he cannot keep the rhythm. How funny is that! 

Image : Libido

 I thought something was wrong with me. My Libido has always been pretty high before my second child but then I thought, ok this is the motherhood spirit which is taking over and reducing my libido. But not at all, there was an explanation for that and this is this IUD. I am so glad to have removed it.

And now talking about my mood, this is like if I was taking a magic pill. I have laughed more and had more energy over the past two weeks that I have in the past few months. Before I was seeing all in negative and my mood and motivation was so low. Now, I feel like back to normal. My energy is back and my joy too. I am finally laughing again. It has really been like a switch flipped.

Image: Freedom

So, yes, I think that my burnout was due in part to my work and family situation but I would say that a large part of my depression came from Mirena.

Since, I have reduced my medication ( antidepressant) and I feel great.

If you feel down, and low in energy and that you are wearing a hormonal IUD. Please ask your doctor. There is such thing as “life after the mirena”.

It would be nice if doctor’s would be honest with us about these side effects, but for now, we have to advocate for ourselves. If *you* think it’s the Mirena, get it removed! Don’t let a doctor talk you out of it!

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