5 things to know before starting Meditation


Through the 100 of Meditation’s hours I did so far, I have discovered many things, some tricks that I would like to share with you, because I know they are very useful when you start practicing meditation.

This is not a post to convince you that meditation is good for you. It’s now common knowledge that the practice of meditation is another important pillar of wellness, along with good sleep, regular exercise, and healthy eating. 

Meditation is very useful as she allows you to take control over your thoughts, your reactions. I advise you to meditate on regular basis to reconnect with yourseld and start to listen to your body and not anymore your mind. 

Be Patient

The first thing to know about meditation is that it takes time. It is like lifting weights, it is not because you do it only three time that you will see the results. No, to see the results, you need to practice on a regular basis. There is no target, no goal as you can always progress. And the more you will practice, the more you will feel the benefits. Be Patient. 

Most of us, when we practice we begin by setting up a time limits or sometines we even stop before the end as our thoughts are telling us that there is something more important to be done. During the practice, you will have a tremendous amount of thoughts in your head, and this is absolutely normal. We then say to ourself that we are unable to meditate then we stop. It is important to look at your thoughts and not judge them. they are here , they are in you. It is just important not to focus on them at this moment. This moment is for you. 

Be Patient

But as soon as you start to meditate, you are already in the process, even if you are submerged by your thoughts. Meditation takes time. It is only by practicing on a regular basis that the gap between your thoughts will increase and that there will be less and less present. 

And then the magic starts. When you meditate and nothing comes trough your head. Just peace and silence…

Find A regular time

When we build meditation practice into our routine, we avoid having to ask ourselves, “Should I meditate now?” Even if it’s hard to find a time that always works, finding a time that often works will raise the odds of doing it.

I always to it in the morning, I set uo my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier to make sure I can meditate before to start my day. At the begining it was difficult but now, if I don’t do it, I feel like I am missing something. 


Initially Meditating at same time helps as Body andmind support if a regular routine is followed. However, if one cannot meditate at same time, then at least one should meditate – anytime, but not immediately after eating heavy food.

Keep your back Straight

Think of the back as your highway to better brain activity. When meditating in a seated position and spine straight gives the energy the ability to move more freely.

The brain will have more oxygen when the spine is straight and the overall experience is enhanced this way.

Frog’s meditating with straight back

When the body has a spine that just won’t straighten the energy can get stuck…

You can be sitting on the floor or on the chair but the most important is to keep your back straight.

Don’t reject your thoughts

As I mentionned before it is very important not to reject your thoughts. When you are meditating, there is a lot of thoughts, ideas which are coming in your head. For most of them, you do not notice them they come and they go. 

But some of them will appear great or even amazing. It will then be very difficult to keep your concentration but your brain will try to push them away as he knows that now it is meditation time. Instead of resisting thoughts, go with them. I think it is a mistake to reject them, they are part of us. You should just observe them. 


By recognizing the mind’s resistance to giving up its habitual mode of activity, we can successfully break through it.

Pour t’aider, essaie de visualiser tes pensées comme des maisons le long d’un chemin. Lorsque tu te balades, tu regardes les maisons mais seulement de l’extérieur, tu ne t’arrête pas pour rentrer dans chacune d’elles, n’est-ce pas ? De façon similaire, laisse passer tes pensées.

Release your expectation

if we’re not careful we can bring our ego-driven goals to meditation: “I hope I’m able to focus.” “I want to do this right.” “I want to have an experience like I had the last time.” These kinds of goals can lead us to evaluate our meditation session as “good” or “bad,” and to feel pressure as we consider meditating. We can practice bringing a “beginner’s mind” to each practice, being open and curious about what will happen this time.

Reset your mind

When we’re able to meditate on a regular basis, we find that it’s easier to do. Each time we sit and come back to the breath, it might start feeling like returning to an old friend: “Ah, there you are—you’re still here, so I must be, too.” It can feel like coming home. 

If you’ve set an intention to regularly meditate and have run into resistance, how can you make it easier to practice today—maybe even right now? 

“ The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” David Lynch.

If you are interested in meditation and you wish to teach it to your kids, I can highly recommend the book/CD from Eline Snel “Stitting still like a frog

( if you prefer in french)  “Calme et attentif comme une grenouille”.

My both daughters love it. And now we have a ritual of 5 minutes meditation when we come back from school. I found them more relax and their concentration has improved by a lot since we do it ( 1 year).

Are you meditating? How often? What are the benefits that you have already noticed?

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